Introducing the
Social Capital Protocol

The Social Capital Protocol is a new initiative which aims to mainstream the measurement of social impacts for business – shifting the improvement of social performance from an optional extra to a core part of business decision making.

The Protocol serves two purposes:

  1. It provides a consistent process to guide companies through the journey of measuring, valuing and better managing social capital.
  2. It provides a framework for collaboration to harmonize the currently fragmented landscape of social impact measurement and valuation, and to move towards standardized approaches for business. 
The Need for Action
Introducing the Protocol
Using the Protocol
Technical and ethical principles

Get Started: Implement the Process

The Social Capital Protocol is a 4-Stage Process, consisting of 12 Steps for companies to understand, measure, value and improve their social capital performance. The process is supported by resources, case studies and sector guides.

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Contribute to the Protocol

This first version of the Protocol is the result of 2 years of collaborative development involving input from over 50 WBCSD member companies, an Advisory Group of 20 expert partners, and four WBCSD Global Network partners. However, it is just the beginning of the journey.

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The Journey so Far
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